Recognize a real luxury bag from a counterfeit

Reconnaître un vrai sac de luxe d'une contrefaçon

Have you always wondered how to tell a real bag from a counterfeit? Today we are going to give you 4 infallible elements to never go wrong again! 


Examine the seams carefully! Luxury bags are made with care down to the smallest detail. The seams are therefore not neglected, are straight and regular.

Fake Louis Vuitton label

In this photo of a fake Louis Vuitton label of a counterfeit Metis, you can clearly see that the seams are rough, irregular, askew, and you can even see a crossing of the seams in one of the corners. It is impossible to find such a neglected label on a real bag!


Luxury brands use very high quality materials to make their bags, often cowhide or buckskin. These bags therefore have a smell of leather, unlike counterfeit bags which are often made of plastic and therefore have no smell.

However, sometimes the best fakes are made from sheep leather, which is low quality leather. These sheepskin bags therefore have a very strong smell.


We would tend to think that a bag provided with an invoice, a receipt or an authenticity card gains credibility, but it is not! Keep in mind that while an entire bag can be copied, so can a receipt or an invoice.
It may therefore happen that spelling errors are present on the receipt or the invoice, or else one may find erroneous information there: a wrong address of a shop, a wrong telephone number or even an article reference. which does not correspond to the article sold!

Here, we find a Chanel invoice which at first sight seems quite legitimate. But you should know that Chanel does not issue a receipt similar to the one in the photo! Then, you just have to look at the details and you immediately understand that it is a fake receipt! First of all, the “” website does not exist, the brand's real website ends with “.com”. We also note that the currency is the Euro while it is a store supposed to be located in Hong Kong. And finally, a Chanel bag with a boutique price of €1750 simply does not exist!


As with invoices, you have to be careful with the packaging. This is an item that is highly counterfeited by counterfeiters who wish to lend credibility to their product. The best way to identify fake packaging is to compare it with a real one.

Fake Hermès packaging

Here, we observe on the left a fake Hermès Clic H bracelet and on the right a real one. We can immediately see two totally different pouches, with on the left a pouch that has never been produced by Maison Hermès. Then, we observe a significant difference between the two colors of the boxes, with an almost fluorescent orange on the counterfeit side.

Also, there are many clues that allow us to identify a counterfeit, but today's counterfeiters are working harder to produce bags that look almost identical to genuine bags.

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