The dangers of counterfeiting

Les dangers de la contrefaçon

Consuming counterfeit products poses considerable risks to the health and safety of the buyer . Beyond the poor quality of counterfeit products, their aesthetics which sometimes leaves something to be desired or even the scams that arise from the copy market, why is it dangerous to consume counterfeit products?

First of all, you will risk heavy criminal penalties for simply possessing counterfeit products. Penalties can go up to €300,000 in fines and three years in prison!
Then, you should know that 80% of counterfeit leather goods and accessories present in the West come from Chinese factories. In these factories there are underpaid workers and sometimes even children, who work up to 16 hours a day in unsanitary conditions. The products leaving these factories do not comply with the standards imposed by the European Union and can therefore become dangerous to health.


Today, the Internet has become a very important channel for the circulation of counterfeits, in particular resale sites between individuals which are very little controlled and which are full of scams. Accounts used by counterfeit sellers are single use and are deleted as soon as the transaction is complete, making tracking the scammer nearly impossible.
This is why we advise you to always go through a professional for your luxury purchases, not only because professionals have experience allowing them to authenticate the products, but also in the event that the seller sells you counterfeits. , his business is traceable.
In a few words, counterfeiting contributes just as much as fast-fashion to the development of polluting and unethical factories, and buying counterfeiting can lead to problems with the law. So, you have to be careful when you buy on the internet and favor professionals. At Intemporal, we are committed to presenting 100% authentic products. Each of the pieces we receive is scrupulously analyzed and authenticated thanks to our professional experience of more than six years in major luxury brands as well as the Entrupy software, approved by LVMH and more than 99% reliable. At the slightest doubt, we categorically refuse the article.

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